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2015 next half year, HXE' Target

2015 next half year, HXE' Target


From manual production to assembly line production; from single machine automation, to fully automated production at present, buzzer and speaker has already been 25 years in the Chinese market.

Universal (Changzhou) electronics CO., LTD founded in 1996, has been making magnetic buzzer, piezo buzzer, micro-speakers, and developing new products for over 19 years. For SMD Buzzer we have developed more than 20 varieties. For micro-speaker we have nearly more than 10 types. Last year, Universal invested over 10 million RMB in automatic production machines to improve product quality and production efficiency of the buzzer and speaker. Universal is always in the front tier in this industry. The company and the whole team work hard to achieve every goal. This year Universal’s target sales of buzzer, speaker, and micro-speaker is increase 50% from last year, and Universal is confident to accomplish this goal.